Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gamecocks Trip To Clemson, Get Punked

Another year, another victory for the Clemson Tigers over their pathetic midlands rival. Today's easy 72-61 win was the 6th in a row for Purnell's squad. That should come as no shock to readers, as beating South Carolina every year is just something Clemson does. But what made today's win exceptional was the way the Tiger defense completely shut down the gamecocks' best player, Devan Downey. Downey didn't score until 10 minutes were left in the game, and he ended up with 7 total points (5 of which were garbage points). Downey could not shake the Tiger D, his frustration showing with each possession.

Coming off a mind-numbing loss to Illinois the other night, frustration is just what the Tigers needed to exorcise. Amazingly, this might end up counting as a quality win for Clemson when the selection committee is deciding where the Tigers will land in the Dance. Soon enough conference play will begin, and this year the ACC is up for grabs. Clemson isn't ready to win it at this juncture of the season, but this is a talented bunch that could make a strong run once it's all said and done. With a week off to enjoy today's glorified practice, a rested Tiger team will run through its OOC slate before a showdown with Duke on January 3rd. The gamecocks will recover from this, largely because they play in the worst conference in the history of college basketball, but Downey won't soon forget getting pwn3d by his rival.......again.

Here's some MOAG, both football and basketball-related. Let's start with a doozie:

- Spiller Hurt His NFL Stock Last Night

- Classless Spiller sat on bench after loss and Tech player came over to him. He is such a puss; he can run all over the field but cant walk to congratulate the winner?

- Spiller only came back for his senior season to improve his chances in the draft and get a bigger paycheck, has nothing to do with being classy.

- If we had Holmes and Archie we would be killing Clempson !

- Sad fact is that Clemson is not that good...The team we just lost to is not that good. I think they will be on the bubble come March. With Archie and Holmes I am confident we would have won.

- Sorry taters you suck in basketball too!!! LOL (editor's note - this was said 23 minutes after the game)

- If we had Archie and Holmes this game wouldn't be close.

- I'm about to toss my laptop watching the team shoot after taking the ball away so many times. This is not the offense that showed up vs Jacksonville State. And this is not the Defense that showed up either.

- Even being Downeys worst game ever they still only won by 11. Taters happy we only play once a year.

- Pitt's secondary is very weak. You saw what that Cinci quarterback did yesterday just imagine what Garcia will do.

- We play in the SEC. Pitt's defense should be nothing to us.