Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some Good 'ol Fashioned MOAG

- Butch Jones and Tennessee are becoming the Dabo Sweeney and Clemson Tigers of the SEC. I fail to see how the Vols could be so much better than the Gamecocks when we had the same records last year with very similar schedules, we led by two touchdowns vs them late in the game and have in my humble opinion more upside this coming season. Much of the Tennessee love has been created by Jones's hype a lot like Sweeney. One poll lists our chance of winning the SEC 25/1WHILE Tennessee IS 8/1. Time for us to go to Rocky Top and return with a victory. I'm not much of a Jones fan and would love to stomp the Vols who are proclaiming greatness before they have accomplished anything much like the Pickens Paper Tigers.

Their fans will not be satisfied with only beating us this year so Butch will have pressure for once with the lofty pre-season expectations.


- It's all hype. You look at Tennessee since Fulmer and the highlights are three wins over us


- I do not believe I am sunshine pumping when I say I believe we can win 9 + games this year. Why? 
1. the offense can be somewhere from nearly as good to better than last year. I look for the defense to be quite a bit better.
a. OL should be solid though not quite as good as last yr. we do need to stay as healthy as possible. 
b. QB. CM more accurate DT. Longer ball control drives should be the norm. 
c. RB's will be a strength
d. WR Cooper is a stud. We have young talent that must step it up
e. TE. Considering Anderson had a year filled with injury, I look for us to be a little better than last yr.
summary: I expect a good O this yr. SOS will devoye 100% of efforts on the O.

2. Defense
a. DE significant talent up grades. Lewis & Sawyer. should have a solid rush this yr.
b. DT has size and depth. They should be better as a group solely due to experience.
c. LB. 3 high quality starters. should be a team strength.
d. CB. solid 2 deep with athletic talent.
e. S's. JUCO newcomers a real shot in the arm. Have experienced returners as well.
summary: Hole is a better DC than Whammy. He will find ways to put our best defenders in positions to excel.
The 4th qtr collapses vs UT, Mizzou, UK should not happen again. I could see us winning 9 games ... maybe 10.


- Pretty much agree on the D. We'll be significantly better overall (possibly a top 25 unit).

I'm with OP and think a 9 win season is in the cards. There's a reason SS hunted Hoke all those years. Maybe he's a Stoop in the wings. I am not a sunshine pumper either. I am a realist. Last season has been stewing on SS' mind since Jan. He wants revenge against those teams that Ward could not stop in the 4th qtrs. and against those nasty Clemson tigers.


I believe we will go undefeated at home.


- In all seriousness, the absolute best thing about our football team and our program overall is we don't wear urange and we aren't tiggers. Even if we're winless, I'd rather be Garnet than jailhouse urange.


- I like our helmets

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